Saturday, April 30, 2011

+1 new Set, +1 Dress

Hello, and welcome to the new new Streetkid Stereo.
I really could not stand Livejournal. So now that's Wordpress and Livejournal that have ticked me off. Hopefully Blogger will not betray me.

Anyway, exciting things: one, we have an affiliates list now, and you should check them all out, especially Poison Flow, a new blog-style site with some great designer skins fo yo simmehs. 

But about the update today, I bring you a whole set of new men's clothing, which includes a new outfit mesh by me and several recolours in Spring tones. Lovely for your stylish guys who like their shorts mid-thigh. Also, a new leather dress with some sheer action going on, which is on an amazing Sentate mesh. Lovely, lovely.

Click the previews to see full size pictures.

[+] click image for full-size

[+] click image for full-size